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      Qingdao TAFCO food Co., Ltd was founded in December,1995 by Taiyo A&F Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan which belongs to Maruha-Nichiro Group- one of the biggest company in food industry.

      At present, we have two factories in Qingdao area, one is located at Qingdao Jiaozhou City, Jiaodong County Industrial Park and the other is at Qingdao Jiaonan City, Seashore Industrial Park.

      Our products line up are as follows:
      1. Vegetable Extracts: extract of Chinese cabbage, cabbage, onion, mushroom, carrot, celery and other
      2. Seafood Extracts : Extracts of short-neck clam, scallop, shrimp, oyster, Salmon and other seafood.
      3. Air dry food : Salmon flake and other powder and granulated seasoning and food.
      4. Collagen powder : Collagen powder is mainly used as health foods, food additive and cosmetics.

      We are introducing HACCP quality control system and have ISO9000/2000 approval in order to provide safety and high quality products to our customers. Under our quality control system, we can guarantee safety and quality on from the raw materials to the final products. For example, vegetable extracts are made of the farms with CIQ registers and the usage and residual of agricultural chemicals are strictly controlled in accordance with China National Standard and “Approval List System” of Japan for securing their qualities.

      At the same time , we are introducing reduced pressure heating method for extraction to keep the natural flavor of raw materials among various extraction technologies. We are prepared to make investments ,from now on, for getting new technologies and for development of new products to meet our customers needs and requirements.

      Our products have widely used for beverage seasoning and health food in the Japanese market and we are trying now to provide our products to Chinese customers. At Qingdao TAFCO food Co., Ltd, we are intending to contribute to society by creating healthy habits through supply of safety and high quality food which we call Health Culture and under such we will continue to provide Chinese customers with new tasty and healthy food.

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